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Choose a credit union

Choose fairness. Choose to be a member, not a number.
Choose to grow your money wisely, while investing in local businesses and the communities where you live, work, and play.

Some Choices Matter,

and where you bank is definitely one of them.

See why more and more, BC residents are choosing credit unions over banks.

Investing in Real Growth

In Prince Rupert, a credit union partners with the Nisga’a people to build a business that creates local jobs.

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Building a Better Future for Women in Trades

A local credit union does their part to introduce the next generation of women to skilled trades in an otherwise male-dominated industry.

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The Rally at Bulkley Valley

How two credit unions managed to ship 32 tons of hay after record floods devastated the Bella Coola Valley.

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No entity helps communities more

Since 2012, the credit unions of British Columbia have collectively contributed over $40 million to communities. It’s a powerful impact that no other bank or business entity can claim.

BC credit unions have around $65 billion in assets, but we give away $22 million yearly to our communities.
By comparison the biggest of the big five banks has over $1 trillion in assets, but gives away only 0.0053% of that to their communities.
Put another way, BC credit unions give up to 590% more on the dollar than these banks do. That money goes to scholarships, donations, charitable foundations and more — check it out here.

Credit unions were the first to:

Lend to women in their own names.
Registered education plans in Canada.
Offer loans based on borrower's character.
Offer mobile cheque deposits.
For the 10th year running, credit unions have earned 1st place

among financial institutions for Customer Service
 and Branch Service Excellence in the Ipsos Best Banking Awards.
Small businesses rank credit unions higher than banks for the way we do finances, fees, account management and service.
"For many small businesses, the best bank isn’t a bank at all — it’s a credit union. Once again, they outperformed the big banks in serving the needs of Canada’s entrepreneurs."
– Financial Post
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Let There Be Rock

Meet an amazing organization that’s empowering young women to make music, build self esteem and change the system.

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From Cheers to Charity

There’s a lot to love about Fernie Brewing Company, and their beer is just the beginning. With support from their local credit union, they didn’t just fund the brewery – they were able to give back to their community as well.

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Have a Story to Tell?

We know there are millions of British Columbians who have been impacted and inspired by their local credit union. Tell your story here, and you may find it becomes part of this collection.

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Buy Local. Bank Local.


When you join a credit union, you join millions of British Columbians who’ve chosen to invest in themselves and the people, programs and places around them – achieving more, together.


Credit unions invest heavily in local businesses, which means more jobs and a stronger economy for us all. In turn, these businesses invest their profits in the very communities that support them.


Home is where our hearts are. In the last 3 years alone, BC’s credit unions have contributed over $40 million to local initiatives ranging from arts and culture to sports, charities and education.

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